martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Take a photo photoman

Hello everybody! The topic of my post of today is the photograph.

Alameda XIX century

I don’t enjoy very much when I’m taking photos, but I like to see the photos, specially the old photograph, for example photos of the old Santiago. I enjoy comparing the differences between the past with the present of Santiago.

My brother is photographer; he went to Buenos Aires to study fotoperiodismo. I think that he is very good, but I really don’t know too much about photography.
I have a camera, an analog camera it use a photo roll. I use to take photos when I go out to my vacations. When I went to Macchu Pichu I took many photographs, and I think that was very good because now I can see the photos whenever I want.  

This photo it was tken by my brother

I don’t know if this is my favorite photo, but I really like it because it remember me my holidays with my friends this summer. I don’t know who took this picture, we asked to some guy if he could take the photo. This picture was taken in Tacna, Perú, at the end of our holidays; it was the last picture together this summer. Then we returned to Santiago. This picture shows my friends (Kake, Bea, Pablo) in the principal street of Tacna.
I think that the photos can tell histories, are very interesting. In a couple of year I will see that picture and I will think “Aaaah was a very good time”. Also I could go to my home and take a photo album to see the pictures and ask to my parents for the history of the pictures. Through photos we can see other lives and different histories, we can learn about the people.
Long live to photography!

martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Move your movies.

Hello everybody. Today I’m going to talk about the movies.
Everybody like the movies, I think that movies are very interesting. I enjoy very much when I’m seeing a movie, but I can’t see so much movies because I don’t have many time and the cinema it's so expensive, and I don’t like see movies in internet. But when I have time, and when I found a good movie in TV or in a video club I like to watch it.
One of my favorites movies are “Rosemary baby” of Roman Polansky, I think it has a lot of suspense. Another of my favorite movies is Ciudad de Deus, a Brazilian movie, talk about the life in a Favela in Rio de Janeiro.
When I was a child I used to see 101 dálmatas, the original, it was my favorite movie… I can remember the song in spanish  “Tendremos la granja más grande, con los perros más lindos que hay” Hahahaha….
I don’t use to go to the cinema, because, like I said, it’s so expensive. The last movie that I went to see was Toy Story III, I liked it very much. I think that I won’t go to the cinema this weekend, but I could go because I already have a free ticket for any movie.
I hate some actors, like Eddie Murphy, he stinks, and is so boring and stupid. When I’m watching TV and appear Eddy Murphy I have to change the channel. My granny is not a danger!
My brother studied cinema, and he knows a lot of movies, but I don’t know so much.
Well that was my post.
PS: I hate you, Eddie Murphy.

martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

My holidays

Travel and holidays
My favorite time of the year is the holidays, because, I can travel.
I like travel very much. Every summer I go, with the scouts, to south of Chile, around 25 days, and then, I go with some friends to some place.
The last summer, In January I went to Queullín island and then to Cherquenco, in Vilcún.  Then I went with my friends to Perú, around 2 weeks, it was so funny.  We visited Puno, Cusco, Machu Picchu and Arequipa. I really liked Machu Picchu; it’s a very beautiful place, really wonderful.
I don’t have any plans to this summer, but I will go to south with the scouts, like every year. I have to make money to travel to somewhere. I would like to go to Paraguay, but it’s too expensive.
In Chile I would like to go to Torres Del Paine, and know Carretera Austral. I’ve listen that it’s very beautiful.
I would to know Colombia, really much, I've been seeing pictures in Internet and it’s very beautiful. But if I really want to go I have to work harder to make money.

domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Free Time

Free time
I have enough free time. After University i go to my home and I study for two hours.
I like to spend my free time with my friends, but just in weekends, because I don’t have so much free time along the week.
I like to watch TV, play guitar, listen music, and play with my dog. I have a little dog, a puppy cocker, it’s the best.
One of my favorite things that I like to do in my free time is eat Chinese food while I watch TV and then sleep a siesta.
I don’t practice any sport, but I like very much ride my bike. I have a bike and I use it every day to go to the university, I consider it like one of my best friends.
I’m scout, that’s mean that every Saturday I have to meet with my group. Some weekends we go to somewhere to camp. And in January we go to the south of Chile to camp along twenty days. I’m doing this since I was 12. I've known beautiful places.
I thing that I spend my time very well, I do exactly what I like to do. I’m so happy with my activities.

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

¡An expert!

Iván Pávlov

Ivan Petrovich Pavlovv was a famous russian psychologist. He was born in Ryazan, Russia, on September 14, 1849. He is considered the father of the conductism. He studied in the physics and mathematics faculty of Saint Petersburg to take course in natural science and became in psychologist. He died in Leningrado the February 27, 1936 at 86 years old.
He made very important contributions to the psychology. In 1890’s he studied the gastric function of the dogs. He noticed that the dogs tended to salivate before eat the food. He contributed in many areas of psychology, especially in the conditioning and involuntary reflex actions.
He experimented with his dog, and every time he rang the bell, the dog began to salivate. This experiment meant the beginning of the conductism.
I choose this guy because I like the dogs very much, and he had dog. I have a dog too, I don’t know if I would experiment with my dog, like Pavlov, but I don’t care. I’m sure that he loved his dog.
The Pavlov dog is now in a museum in Russia if someone wants to see.

martes, 5 de abril de 2011


Hello. Mi teacher told us that we have to talk about our favorite music. Here we go

The music is one of the most important things of the life, probably; it’s impossible to live well without music.  The music is a fundamental part of our human history. This time I will write about the importance of music in my life and what make me feel music. In a first moment I’m going to talk about my likes and dislikes, and then I will talk about music resources, afterwards my musical skills.
Well, I listen many kinds of music, that depends of the occasion, for example, if I am riding the bicycle I prefer to listen something to cheering me up, like funny music, music to laugh. Other times is prefer to listen South american folklore, or whatever. Many times I just listen the radio to listen music, my favorites stations are 97.1, 103.3, 97.7, 102.5, between others. I don’t like reggaeton, heavymetal, and others like this. I don’t have a favorite band or singer, but I like very much Camila Moreno, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! The Beatles, Gilda, La mano negra, etc.
I like very much to go to concerts, but it’s so expensive, that’s why I don’t go usually to concerts, but if I find something free or cheap of course I go. When I want to listen music in a car I have to listen the radio, but the most of times I listen music in the computer from grooveshark.
About my music skills, I play guitar, not so well, but I like and I know some chords.
In conclusion, music is something really important to live well and happy. I'm listening music right now, whilewriting.



Hello everybody. I'm Don Juan. The owner of this blog.
My name is Juan Cristóbal Selles. I'm 20 years old. I live in the capitol of Chile, Santiago. Its a great city.
I study psychology at Universidad de Chile since this year.
I'm doing this blog for an english class and i will write every week, i think. Well, see you in other life.
Enjoy it!